💜 May's Journal

🤷‍♀️I am going to upgrade my perfectly fine phone

OK, I probably going to upgrade my iPhone 13 Pro Max.

And here is why (what is in my heaad after wathing mobile phone release events)

Maybe you know that I using both (android and iOS). I upgraded from Samsung S21U to S23U, did I needed it? No. Did I wanted to? Yes - I wanted a bigger screen and I liked the idea of using S-pen. And I'm glad I did it. I get 512GB version as preorder bonus, It's fast with 5 years of updates in the next years. Can synchrnize with my PC ad more.

And it is simmilar with my 13PM, this phone doing everything that I need and I like it. I also like desig, camera creating nice photos and has many apps that I like (even those that are not available on android), but I'm quiet low on storage.

One of reason why I want upgrade is resale value which pay half on new 15 Pro max and second bigger is that I write about on the next lines.

After seeing Samsung event sooner this year and Apple event now (Sorry Apple, this was most boring event that I seen from you I played my nintedo half of the event). I personally think we have hit a ceiling with innovation and features. Yes there is always a more powerful processor, maybe a better camera or more storage or faster charging, bigger batteries,maybe new design, but these are all small updates. And I don't think that's going to change in the next few years.

The last two models (of Samsung Ultras) was exact the same with minor tweaks (s22 vs s23, new processor, better camera about which I don't care, looks almost same - new one was also boxed design but with smaller curves on side).

Apple new 15PM was similar as it's predcessor, better CPU, camera was is same (5x zoom - it is just cutout(?), display is same with better light peak (?)... Noticeable changes this year for me are USB-C, titanium case, and action button instead switch), Oh, and yes - you can play console games on it. So again no wow event this year.

I think we're at a similar level as with the PCs. Computers are faster year by year, storage is bigger and faster. I don't remeber when I was excited about new coputers (something when you know that you must have this new CPU or something). Mostly i was excited from new Oprating system, or games or new functions, not about computers itself. And now it's similar for me with phones.

So I think it's now time to get a good phone (or best if you willing to pay for it) with large storage and keep it for a while, at least while you have access to updates.

I'm not saying I'm going to upgrade right away via preorder, I'll probably still wait for some reviews, but I'll definitely upgrade and keep the phone longer. I don't think a 2 year difference between the devices is enough to upgrade them. (That was my period for upgrading phones).

I don't think we'll get anything groundbreaking in the next few years. Rather, I see a lot of room for innovation in wearable electronics. (We still can't reliably measure blood pressure with a watch or blood sugar non-invasively). My watches has now 3 years and there is still nothing that can convince me to upgrade. Last time that I upgraded was because I wanted blood oxygen monitoring.

I am looking forward and quite curious to see what technology will bring us in the coming years.