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💟Android vs iOS or Use what you like.

Another year gone and another Apple event before use. Internet will be full of videos/posts about that you should upgrade your phone or if you should switch from android to iOS. This is my experience...

Back in 2020 I bought myself an iPhone as long time android user. The move was the result of years of frustration with how companies making android phones approach support and updates. In my opinion you can use phone longer than company decided to give you access to updates and Apple was the one company which supporting their devices for 5 year or so.

This was no brainer for me however iOS was completely differen os. When i first opened app store to install my apps it was like I go few years back. (I don't know if it was design of iOS or desing of the appstore itself but this was my feelings when i first time saw it).

I didn't take too long and I had installed all apps that I used daily and I was able to start to using my phone. Everything was smooth and fast and iOS overall reminds me Widnows phone that i used back in days which itself doesn't even feel like smartphone. It feels was most like dumbphone but with ability to install apps. (Android was more open that way, it allows you to do more).

First that I noticed was differnece between applications (Android vs iOS), about what I can't tell now which is better or worse. (There was application that worked for me better in Android than on iOS) For sure I know there is more usefull 3rd party application for you on iOS than on Android phone (at least for me).

I also get Apple watch and was fascinated how everything works smoothly. I'm no longer bothered by watches that are constantly disconnecting from my phone. I'm nerd so I liked amount of information that they was able to track and sync back to my phone. (I still think apple health is way forward from any simmiliar application on android)

After few time I started missing some android features, like customization - that I can place icons where I want, more options in text/screen zoom. (iOS on pro max was just bigger and I sill can see more text on my android phone). Or there was application there bother me because they now worked like on android phone. So I ended to buy Android phone and started to use both ecosystems. And now I'm still using.

My main OS is Windows (at work and at home), didn't switch to Mac os (i don't think it is best os for me).

So after I bought my first Samsung after a while (back in I had one Samsung but I hated touchwiz so much). Now I was nicely suprised how OneUi looks and how it works. I found that phone can also run as mini PC after connection to external monitor thanks to DEX. In my opinion this is feature that you mostly use for flexing before friends, it's not an lifesaver but nice to have feature.

I have my Windows PCs connected to ms account and Samsung defaulty synchronizing everything with that. So I had same files on my PC and my phone, I was able to start editing documment on my PC and make some quick changes rignt on my phone while commuting. When i donwloaded someting on my phone I was able to open it from download folder on my PC later after I came home. It was completly different experiences that I had back in time (perhaps 1 or 2 years?) and I was happy. I was also able to pickup/make calls from my PC, respond messages or even run iOS applications on my desktop.

Android started to looks more and more than my imaginations about how mobile OS should work. And it is even better since Google allowed us to use Nearby share on our PCs and now is Android even closer to this imaginations.

Now I also have Galaxy watch (which I alternate with my Apple watches), which working well - no more disconnecting itself and doing everything that I wanted from them. I no more have that feeling like before that the Apple was better, in my opinion they are on par.

Yes I still using both because there are some applications that I like, and I also like to use Apple watch and changing my watch straps to mathing my outfit and more.

I still don't have an Android tablet and using iPad because for now I really don't see reason to use android tablet and having same application as i have on my phone but stretched to bigger display.

When I compare Airpods with Galaxy buds, they are both have seamless connect to devices and noise cancelation (the latter is better in airpods). Both works good, desing for me is better with airpods, buds just don stay in my ears as I wanted and sometimes falling off, however I like sound of buds better than on airpods.

With that all above and what I know now, would I change again? Probably yes, probably no 🤷‍♀️. I'm glad that i did? Yes, I used each operating system Since Symbian (Symbian, Windows mobile on PDAs, Android, Windows phone and iOS). Mobile operating systems have come a long way since that time, and I'm glad I could try them and I can't wait to see what the future holds whether it's bendable phones, virtual reality or even holograms...

Happy Apple event day!