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🚫 Fake Good notes application for android

Few days ago GoodNotes announced Android application in beta. I wanted to try it bud first after searching "Good Notes" google play shows me (IMO) fake application. Lets call it FakeNotes.

GoodNotes for iOS vs FakeNotes for android

Here is how is looking official icon of Goodnotes on Apple app store

The FakeNotes for Andorid has different icon, different icon, It already has more than 1K downloads.

When you check their official page here and scroll down for requirements you can find that It is available for "Samsung tablets with displays of 8" or larger and at least 3GB of memory" but this can be installed on any of my device. (even phone with less than 6 inches display).

Application has ID com.goodnotes2.notebook_notepad which is part of end of URL address.

When it come to app screenshots, it is using exact same screenshots like iOS app But little bit cropped.

Original iOS app (from app store)

FakeNotes Android App (on google play)

The developer of the fake application uses a contact email on a free domain, where anyone can create an email. Such an email cannot be identified with a company.

As for the Privacy policy, it again points to the website of some other company that develops applications but has nothing to do with GoodNotes.

Privacy policy is from Linagora company which on first sight has nothing to do with GoodNotes.

Other applications from author of FakeNotes

Again, LinBox Sharing seems similar to LinShare application that is developed by Linagora company.

Fake Good notes registration and login

This is how app looks like

Registration and login is required for using this application, but as of time I writing this blog no confirmation email was delivered so I can't to test this app. (I used anonymized email provider) .

Fake GoodNotes links https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=M.R.+Lee+Software https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.goodnotes2.notebook_notepad

GoodNotes for android (beta)

Official Good notes for android is now in beta according to https://www.goodnotes.com/android and is available only for devices: Samsung tablets with displays of 8" or larger and at least 3GB of memory

Also you can check the icon and author of this application as well as privacy policy or homepage. To this page you can get with clicking on link on their official page.

Contacts for GoodNotes

Developer page has no more apps. This application needs a samsung tablet to be installed.

Screenshots are from links that are acessible from GoodNotes page https://www.goodnotes.com/

My recommendation

There are a lot of thing here thanks to whom suspect that the FakeNotes (Good Notes 5) with ID com.goodnotes2.notebook_notepad application from distributor M.R. Lee Software is there for a purpose other than creating notes.

Also the author's email does not add to the credibility and the fact that the application needs registration via email and subsequent confirmation to function, which had not arrived by the time of writing this article.

And if you have this application installed, I recommend uninstalling it.